New York a hotbed of deathly “beauty” injections

botoxThe Big Apple is always ahead of the curve on all things beauty, so the rest of the western world best be wary of the latest trend to take our fine metropolis by storm. New York’s department of health is warning that unlicensed practitioners are injecting bizarre and unregulated substances as “cosmetic enhancements” for lips, breast and even butt boosting.

“People who undergo these unsafe procedures hope to enhance their appearance, but the reality can be lifelong deformity and even death,” said Doctor Nathan Graber, director of the city’s environmental and occupational disease program.

Among the substances being injected: silicone, petroleum jelly, castor oil and mineral oil.

And the side effects: serious infections, nerve damage, respiratory and kidney failure, irreversible disabilities, disfigurement and death.”

The popularity of illegal cosmetic injections is on the rise since the start of the recession: the New York poison control center has received three calls in the last 10 months from doctors who treated patients injected with cheap, industrial-grade silicon by unlicensed practitioners in a so-called “underground beauty industry.”

Gross? Sure. But not so off-putting when you consider some of the legal alternatives.


Global Anti-Aging Market to Reach $291 Billion

wrinkle_creams_claims-1The market for “anti-aging health” and similar products will reach nearly $292 billion by 2015, according to a new report from Global Industry Analysts.

The explosion in sales is largely due to the growing population of aging baby boomers with disposable incomes. The report highlights that even an economic downturn doesn’t have a significant effect on the sale of products like anti-wrinkle cream, self tanner and other goodies. Instead, consumers seek out lower cost versions rather than splurging on that $250 cod oil caviar skin mask. Not surprisingly, products labeled “organic” or with “natural ingredients” are expected to see the largest increase in sales.

The U.S. market is the largest for anti-aging products (which are divided into two categories – products for “age related” health conditions, and products for “cosmetic anti-aging benefit”), currently topping out around $50 billion a year. Anti-aging products are also the largest growing segment for consumer sales among baby boomers, with females leading the way…