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n81006534_36812990_4306We are obsessed with getting better. Smarter. Fitter. Kinder. Saner. As a culture, we are fixated on wellness, convinced that once we are well we will finally be satisfied. But what does it mean to be well? And how far are we willing to go to get there?

I am a freelance writer and a graduate student at New York University. This blog is an extension of my Portfolio project, following my investigation of new, extreme approaches to health that are developing and flourishing, and the frontiers of human wellness they claim to conquer.

For a resume and clips, visit my website.


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Such an intelligent blog should have at least one comment. I mean – come on. Seriously.

Comment by Steve

Interesting stuff. Personally, I feel that a lot of this has to do with humanities search for truths beyond the normal.
As societies loose contact with their collective spiritual roots their individual members splinter off in many directions looking for different answers.
The search for the perfection of the body is just one symptom of this

Comment by Attuallah ibn Suleiman

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