Calling all centenarians: new longevity study
03/28/2009, 2:43 pm
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The National Institute on Aging announced last week that they’ve begun a new study to uncover the factors – genetic and environmental – that may contribute to aging and promote longevity. Researchers hope to figure out whether certain families share genes, lifestyle habits or geographic factors that lead to their exceptional lifespans.

The Long Life Family Study (LLFS) is the first major study on the complexity of aging, because it evaluates dozens of different factors and criteria, and will collect data from families with at least two members reaching a very old age ( 85 and over). Researchers began recruiting in 2006 and are hoping to obtain data for 4,800 people, including the primary subject and their siblings and children. The LLFS is unique not only because it looks beyond genetics to assess lifestyle factors, but because it is longitudinal, with researchers planning to follow families for generations to come.

If you’ve got a 100-year-old grandma and a propensity for lab rat living, call (877) 362-2074, because the study still needs around 2,000 participants.


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