Transcendental meditation a cure for college stress

medThe practice of transcendental meditation (TA) seem to be an effective means for college students to combat academic and social stress.

That’s according to the American University Department of Psychology in Washington, D.C., and the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. Together, the researchers studied the effects of meditation practice on brain and physiological functioning in college students.

Fifty students were assigned to a TM or control group and tracked for 10 weeks. The end result? Those in the TM groups had higher Brain Integration Scale scores (BIS), less sleepiness and were less jumpy and irritable. A low BIS score indicates fragmented brain functioning, which leads to scattered and disorganized thinking.

If TM can help alleviate stress in college students, it seems likely that the practice could also help others with high-stress lifestyles. Like NYU grad students, perhaps. That said, I’ve tried meditation before, but gave up when I realized it necessitated good posture. I don’t have time for good posture.

TM is a technique developed in 1958 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and involves two 20-minute meditation sessions each day, sitting with eyes closed and reciting a mantra. For more details on TM, visit the official website.

See the full story here.


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