A Senior Citizen’s Snake Oil

snakeScience hasn’t “cured” aging yet (though, trust me, it’s not for lack of effort), but you can at least stave off the unsightly side effects of getting older. The latest innovation is synthesized viper venom, which has made its way into wrinkle creams being sold in England.

The cream, already a best-seller across the pond, contains an artificial version of the poisonous venom from the Temple Viper, a cousin of a Thai rattlesnake. Apparently, amino acids contained in the venom actually block nerve signals and prevent facial muscles from contracting. Fewer contractions mean fewer wrinkles.

One 30 mL pot of the cream, manufactured by Planet Skincare, sells for around $80 USD and lasts about a month. It’s being marketed as an alternative to Botox, and already has a growing contingent of celeb fans – Gwyneth Paltrow is “a devotee” (and not a moment too soon, if you’ve been holding a magnefying glass to recent Paltrow photos in Star Magazine!).

You may recall that snake venom has had a starring role in other beauty products, notably the uber-sexy “Lip Venom” plumping gloss.


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